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December 15, 2016

Hi Randy,

We never had a chance to meet. You were one of the preferred suppliers at our business planning workshop at the Arbutus Club a couple of weeks ago. I ended up with the door prize Starbucks card from you. Thanks very much! Iíll be sure to keep your info handy in the event I need to do a tank scan or removal.

Hope you have a great Christmas break!

Warm regards,


Thank you

August 30, 2016

Thank you



August 18, 2016

We had A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal take out our underground tank. We chose them because after carefully examining the other estimates we found theirs was not an estimate it was a quote. There were no hidden/unexpected costs. They were polite and professional. The crew took care with our yard. Our yard was left clean and in good shape. The envirnmental company was the same, polite, professional and no unexpected surprises/costs.

Jen, Vancouver



August 9, 2016

"A Speedy Solutions Old Tank Removal Inc." provided us with a professional service in a timely manner. We were impressed with their punctuality, thoroughness, and respect for our property. Randy and Art communicated frequently with us throughout the process. There estimates were realistic and there were no billing surprises for us.

Overall we were very pleased with the service and felt we were dealing with an experienced and honest crew. We will recommend this service to our neighbours and friends.

Lyn L.



July 11,2016

I would like to compliment the A Speedy team on their prompt and professional delivery of services.

Randy arrived on time to assess the job and was able to locate both the tank and buried filler cap within minutes. After dipping the tank he was able to estimate the size and provide a quote before he had to leave for his next appointment. The crew had to do some minor re-grading to create a path for the excavator under the deck and once complete they had the tank excavated within a few hours.

I met the Environmental consultant on site at the specified time and the tank was pulled out and samples were taken with assistance from A Speedy. The lab test results came back 5 days later as promised and fortunately there was no contamination. The following day the hole was filled and the grass was replaced.

The entire process took less than 2 weeks from the initial phone call to the completed job.

I would not hesitate in recommending A Speedy Tank Removal to friends and family.


Doug Vincent



Mar 23,2015

Hi Carol Dave Randy;

Just have to thank you and your workers for doing a very good job of removing our oil tank.

We had been putting off the inevitable for a long time,partly because we heard stories of how things can go so wrong in the process.We talked to neighbours and received good reports from people who had their tank removed by you.We decided to go ahead and face the music.

We phoned you and the next day, Randy came round and located the tank. He removed the filler cap and was able to establish the approximate size of the tank by using a dip rod. He then provided an estimate for the removal of the tank. We said to proceed.

The next day Dave and Randy arrived with the equipment to do the job. They unloaded it and said they would be back in the morning to start. The next morning Randy, Dave and his son, excavated down to the tank which was full of water. The water was pumped out, the tank cut up and removed.

Dave had arranged for the engineer to come and take soil samples from the sides of the excavation which he did late in the afternoon.

That evening Carol and Dave came over and explained what would happen once the results of the tests were received. It took 5 working days to receive the test results. 3 tests passed and 2 failed. Further excavation was required where the tests did not meet the specifications. Dave arranged for a dumpster to be placed in the lane.

The next day Dave arrived with 2 helpers, excavated the area as required and placed the material in the dumpster to be disposed of as required. The engineer came again and took soil samples in the area excavated. The tests came back positive and the O.K was given to backfill the excavation.

The work was all done in a very professional way. The excavation was made difficult by limited space between the house the garage and patio. There was also a electrical service to the garage which was above the tank.

The job was completed in a friendly way by people concerned in doing a proper job in the way it was explained and with an effort to minimize the amount of work as much as possible.The cost and extent of doing this type of work is dictated by the regulations and specifications set by the government. Given the conditions at the job site I believe Speedy Solutions will do the job to meet specifications at the least cost. The work is done with the right size equipment which leaves little or no impact on the property





Sept 18,2014

Firstly, here's my bottom line statement about this company and you can read on if you like:

"As difficult and extremely expensive as this whole tank removal ordeal is to go through for the homeowner, I believe this company is an excellent choice for the job."

We had a buried oil tank (UST or Underground Storage Tank) removed by this company from our property in New Westminster in July and August of 2014.

After consulting with a few other Oil Tank Removal companies, we chose "A Speedy Solutions", after speaking with their people on site in the initial consultation and speaking to other people who have had this done.

We signed a contract to have them remove the oil tank and have an independant inspector do the soil test.

I would personally recommend doing the proper 5 point test, as that is the one that meets the BC Ministry of the Environment soil test guidelines and when the site is clean, it results in a "Certificate of Independant Remediation", which declares the property clean, removes your property from the provincial list of contaminated sites and you will definitely want that certificate if you are ever going to sell the property. We recently sold our house and that was the first thing the realtor wanted. You can not lie about your knowledge of a buried tank when you sell and if you do, you could be sued for the cost of removal and remediation.

They scheduled the work and started it as scheduled. They had the tank out in the same day and arranged for the soil test that day. As a result of the soil tests, it was determined that our tank had leaked and the option for soil remediation was presented to us. We signed a second contract for the soil remediation and the work was scheduled. This company shows you all the reciepts for the costs they incur while doing the work and does not mark up the costs of the environmental engineer. They are very forthcoming with their incurred costs.

In our case, the contamination went quite deep and 3 different excavators had to be brought in to dig deep enough to remove the contaminated soil.

When they thought the site was clean enough to call for another soil test, we had the option to escalate the results and were told that the results would be back within 24 to 48 hours, whereas the usual time is 5 to 7 days.

We chose to escalate the results and the cost of each sample test is doubled for doing so, but if the lab is busy enough, it can sometimes only shave a day or two off the time for getting the results back.

They will do the best they can to make a clean job of it, but this is difficult work with very heavy machinery and sometimes driveways and sidewalks are casualties of the job. They can do the repair work at additional cost, but be prepared to have those discussions during the work.

This type of work is often extremley expensive and can be financially heartbreaking for the homeowner, however, the crew we had was always positive on the job and showed me that they were sympathetic to the costs associated with such a job. They worked very hard and as efficiently as possible, despite the difficulty of the work. I watched them almost every step of the way and frankly, they were great.

It is important to keep in perspective that these workers are not the cause of the cost of doing these tank removals and despite our job costing tens of thousands of dollars, we believe we chose the best company for the job.

Doug T.     
New Westminster, B.C.    

To whom it may concern,

March 21,2014

        My wife and I recently hired Speedy Solutions to remove our underground oil tank that lay beneath our driveway and front yard. I had two previous contractors come by to assess the job and discuss details and cost. Neither one seemed very anxious to provide us with a written quote. So when Dave from Speedy came by he promised to have written quote e-mailed to me within 24 hrs. Sure enough I had it by then and as a result chose his company for the job. We are very glad we did. From the start the Speedy crew were very communicative about how the job was progressing. They took extra care to minimize the amount of driveway and lawn that was disturbed and put it all nicely back together at the end. We certainly recommend Speedy Solutions. Professional, courteous and definitely SPEEDY!

Gord & Lorna     
New Westminster, B.C.    


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> Hi Carol,
> Thank you so much for the great service your company delivered. Your team
> helped greatly in closing my deal. I just came back from a trip and will
> have the cheque in the mail to you tomorrow.
> Warmest Regards,
> Dora


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January 8, 2014

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Hi carol

I just want to say that you guys did a great job removing my under ground oit tank. Your speedy responds from getting the estimate to finish are all on time. I was very pleased with the honesty and integrity on the job that the crew members had shown. You guys deserve every bit of my praise.



A Speedy Solutions, did an excellent job." Their response time for assistance was outstanding. We could not have asked for a quicker response for all stages of the work. The quote and identification of the scope of the work, and the options to include an independent environment testing company, was clearly outlined in their service. The final documentation and provision of the report was complete and comprehensive. In summary, the service they provided was of a high calibre and we are very happy to recommend them to anyone that may be confronted with a buried underground storage tank.



I have an 1950's home in White Rock. A Speedy Solutions removed the original underground oil tank in 2011. I am very pleased with their work.

They took care of all the paperwork with the City both before and after the job. The tank was in a difficult location so had to be dug out by hand shovel. They brought in clean sand fill and landscaped the area. Their work was fast and the cost was relatively inexpensive.

I have no hesitation to strongly recommend A Speedy Solutions.

- Dave
White Rock


Shaughn, We used A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal to remove the underground oil tanks at the home of my wife's parents. When we contacted the company about the job, the site inspection was quickly and efficiently carried out, the details of what was to be done was thoroughly explained. The cost of removing the tank was quoted and we were informed that the final cost of the job depended on what they found when the tank was exposed explaining what the cost of the contaminated soil removal and environmental assessment would be.

The workers were courteous and efficient and as the job progressed we were kept fully informed of what was found and any problems that arose. While the time to complete the job was fairly lengthy this was not the fault of the company but was due to the time spent waiting for the environmental assessor to take the soil samples and return the results. At the end of the job the pit was filled with clean sand that was well compacted and the site covered with grass and cleaned up.

We were so pleased with their work that we utilized the company to remove the underground tank at our home.

- Clements
New Westminster


We had our underground oil tank and contaminated soil removed by A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal. To begin with they were punctual, knowledgeable and polite. Their quotes were easy to understand. They provided us with references and internet sites to find out more about tanks and contamination. Our back yard was a mess for a while, it was put back together and cleaned better than before they started.

- Suki


We had our oil tank removed by your company 2 weeks ago. The workers worked efficiently and the tank was out and the work finished in two days. They were very respectful of the plants surrounding the area, only disturbing what they had to. They replanted what they had taken out. They did a minimal amount of disturbance to the sidewalk and asphalt as well.

We were happy with the work performed and so glad the tank is gone.

- Donna

Hi Carol,

It was lovely meeting with you last week and we appreciated the time you took to go over the invoice and report. Also, as we mentioned to you, we were thrilled with the work that Dave and his crew did for us. They were always polite and very hard working. We always felt like we were in good hands.

As discussed, below is a little blurb which briefly summarizes our experience with the oil tank removal. Please feel free to use it on your website or in any way you wish. We are definitely recommending the company to anyone we talk to who is in need of this type of service.


If you need an oil tank removed, we highly recommend 'A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal' for the job. We were incredibly impressed with their work ethic, communication with us and professionalism. Our tank was very large and buried very deep, but we always felt confident in the efficient approach that Dave Taylor and his crew took and we knew, from the beginning to end, that we were in good hands. They were hard working and always friendly and polite. We were kept informed of the progress along the way and at the end of each day our site was left tidy and secure. When the job was complete, our back yard was returned to its original park-like setting. If you're looking for a hard-working, honest company to provide oil tank removal service, we definitely recommend 'A Speedy Solutions.'

From a very happy client!


Please give a big thank you to Dave and his amazing crew (Carl, etc.).

With thanks,
New Westminister




and all the other worker that worked on property at 3128 West 24th ave, Vanouver BC

Just wanted thank you all so much, for the excellent service received from A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal company.

I was caretaker,and live in property manager,friend of owners for 3138 West 24th ave. Initially another oil tank removal company was brought in to remove the oil tank from this property,a compnay I had not brought, but was left to deal with the mess of cleaning up from their poor handling of the cleanup. After 5 weeks, the other company took to handle removal, I stepped forward, and put a stop to all work on site, and told homeowners that I will find a better company to complate the soil contamination cleanup.

I called David from A Speedy Solutions,and he showed up right away, and all the other companies that I called to give me a quote for soil cleanup,David was the only person to actually go into the hole in the ground and dig around,and smell soil amd see how bad cleanup would be.

David was excellent,he was upfront with me from the start,and explained everything. He had crews in,within days to start cleanup,and they worked hard. Noah and workers dug by hand the whole cleanup. Carole also kept in touch throughout the whole pocess.

Nice to see hard working,caring and qualified company and workers.

Since I manage properties,and do a lot of referrals for friends,family and neighbors and customers,I will always only use and refer to A Speedy Solutions for any and all future work.

I was also happy with their honesty and service,which is so rare now a days,I want to make sure no body else goes through what I did. Since hard to know who to trust,especially when you have spend $5000 to $50,000 for an oil tank removal and soil clean up. Also their prices beat anyone elses,bottom line,longer cleanup costs,the more it will cost you homeowners. Don't get sucked into a company,rushes get you sign contract and starts digging up your property,and then drags out, days into weeks and into months. A Speedy Solutions did not, they got my job, and will yours.

I be happy talk to anyone wanting reference and hear what I went through using a bad company, and gladly tell you who.

A Speedy Solutions,should be your only choice for oil tank removals.

Thanks to David,Carol and Noah,and the rest of workers.

Tery's Consulting & Home Services
604 263 7283


Hi Carol, It was nice meeting you this morning!

As I mentioned, we were really happy with the service from your company. A day after my husband called, your staff had obtained the necessary permits and was over here doing a site inspection. As the oil tank was in a very tight spot between a fence& our deck (under concrete), at the edge of our property line, we thought it would be a huge ordeal. Within a week the tank was removed, soil samples were taken and the hole was backfilled. Each day during the removal when I got home from work the site was clean. At the end of the process I received a detailed, professional report that was also filed with the fire department as required by law. All in all it was a surprisingly easy process with you taking care of all details!


Susan Q. P, New Westminister


A Speedy Solutions Oil Tank Removal Inc.